Other Package Prices

Star packages, pay as you lay plan, & upgrades

Star packages

Whenever you use a unit it deducts a star value for the bed. Remember the more stars you purchase the less it costs per session and the more money you save. Star packages expire 1 year from date of purchase. PLUS you recieve FREE DOUBLE STARS, as long as you purchase your next star package before your current package expires.

Regular=1 star   Sonic=3 stars   Sundome=6 stars  Orbit=6 stars   Omega=10 stars

10 stars $30     30 stars $85+6 free stars   60 stars $145+12 free stars  90 stars $200+18 free

Pay As You Lay Plan

1 month down payment $25   or   3 months down payment $60

Pay Per Visit

Regular bed-$1

Sonic bed-$3


Orbit bed-$7

Omega bed-$12


You can do one day upgrades! You can also upgrade your entire package! (Price depends on the package you have!)

Regular to Sonic=$5 Sonic to Orbit=$7  Sundome to Omega=$7

Regular to Sundome=$7  Sonic to Sundome=$7 Orbit to Omega=$7

Regular to Orbit=$12 Sonic to Omega=$12

Regular to Omega=$17